Saturn Sandworms

Hrachia Stepanyan - 33 years old


Keyboard -

1 Player Mode

WASD - Snake Movement

2 Player Mode

Player 1 - WASD to move

Player 2 - 8546 to move, (7 to teleport, only if playing ghoul)


Welcome to Saturn. Planet where all the spirits who have harmed humans sentenced to. Sandworms are farmed at infant stages, so they're usually corralled and fed imprisoned spirits. The magnetic field that the walls of the feeding pens have built in offsets the spirits teleporting abilities. Two player mode has player one as the sandworm, and player 2 as the spirit. As player two you have the ability to teleport and confuse the sandworm to kill itself. However as the snake if you eat 5 ghouls you will be victorious.

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Feb 26, 2017