The Retro Collection

Andy Clarke - 23 years old


Use the mouse to select buttons. Click on "Play" to boot the selected game, "Controls" to view the controls for each player, "Options" to toggle game settings, and "Music" to adjust the global music that plays in-game.


Play 11 retro games in one! Featuring:

* Space War
* Pong
* Lunar Lander
* Tank
* Gran Trak 10
* Speed Race
* Gun Fight
* Breakout
* Blockade
* Galaxian
* Berserk

At Game Gen, students can learn how to create each of these games and more! Visit for details.

With options available for each game, global music settings, multiplayer support for certain games, and much more, this is the definitive Game Gen collection. Have fun with this classic collection of games!

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Sep 28, 2017