Beetlewave 3000

Mitchell Massey - 13 years old



Player 1:
Move Foward - W
Move Backwards - S
Tilt Left - A
Tilt Right - S
Fire - E
Spawn Rock (When Equipped) - Q

Player 2:
Move Foward - Up Arrow
Move Backwards - Down Arrow
Tilt Left - Left Arrow
Tilt Right - Right Arrow
Fire - Foward Slash (/)


The year is 3000. Humanity has been extinct for 980 years. The world is now populated by super-intellegent robots. Everyone is happy. Life is good - until the spiders came. Angry and hungry, they attacked, and now time is rounning out for the beetles. Two heroes arrise. Will they be able to stop the invasion???

Use your skills and your friends skills, plus an arsenal of powerups, to defeat a giant spider. Will you survive? Probably not.
Have fun!

278 Plays

Hearts: 19
Jul 02, 2017