Eva Reyna - 12 years old


Player 1
W: Up
A: Left
S: Down
D: Right

Space: Shoot
E: Aim Downwards
Q: Aim Upwards

C: Claim Nest

Player 2
Num 8: Up
Num 4: Left
Num 5: Down
Num 6: Right

Down Arrow: Shoot
Num 7: Aim Downwards
Num 9: Aim Upwards

Up Arrow: Claim Nest

NOTE: Players must be on the opposing player's nest in order to claim.


Watch in awe as the two mother raptors guard their nest with diligence.
Both mothers had erected nests with chracteristics to their liking. That one is rocky, and the other is shrouded in dry grass. They keep a close eye on one another, one never fully trusting the other female. This time, they decided to come to a conclusion on who gets to stay in her nest and lay eggs in the meadow.
They won't come to a conclusion with a peaceful debate.
Not even with the snapping of teeth and flurry of claws will they come to a verdict.
No, they will be using machine guns.

Clever girls...

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May 11, 2017